Keeping Your Wedding Day Alive in Pictures...

A big part of any wedding day is your photographs. They are a way to capture all the emotions and happenings of your special day so that you can go back and re-live that day over and over again.

MagicIsland, a photographer from North Carolina takes some amazing photographs. The photo featured above is one of their original pieces and they offer some great photo packages. They offer a couple of local locations in North Carolina if you are looking for some place unique to have your wedding or they are willing to travel to your location for a fee. Please be sure to visit their Etsy store at: http://magicisland.etsy.com/ to see more of their beautiful work and to learn more about their services!

When you go to select your photographer, take some time to get to know them and their work. Our DIY Wedding planner product for Vendors will help you keep track of all the photographers you've met with as well as give you some great questions to ask as you make your selection.

Enjoy this special day in your life and make sure you have a great photographer to capture all the special moments!!

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